Video spotlight #13

Maylee Todd- “Baby’s Got It”

One of the video comments says it all: “This is like a dozen crazy and gorgeous music videos in one.” Over the course of four minutes you will see someone jewelry being spit out of a mouth, cheetah puppets, dance moves and so much more. Maylee Todd seems to be an endless well of creativity and the video shows it.

Papermaps- “Nobody Gets It”

Arguably the best song from Papermaps’ Inferior Ghost EP has just recently gotten the video treatment. It’s as intense as the song- it consists of closeups of the faces of a bunch of people, the band members as well. The video was directed by Kerry Shaw.

Cygnets- “Indoctrinate Me”

The concept is simple but effective- numerous couples making out while members of Cygnets sit around looking at the very least uncomfortable. It’s great. The band also directed the video.

Blocktreat- “The Game of Poverty”

No, you are not on acid. You are watching a video by Blocktreat, with the footage shot by Nikolas Tsonis. Yes, it is footage and not some random images generated in Photoshop. Stuff like Lite-Bright and other 80s-era toys were filmed to create this wonderful kaleidoscope of stuff. The music is very intriguing as well, and is a hint as to what can be heard on Blocktreat’s album Traditionals.

Foam Lake- “Too Late”

This is perhaps the only video in this spotlight with an explicit story- it’s centred around what seems to be the souring of a relationship. But it’s just abstract enough to leave questions by the video’s end. The video was directed by Levi Carleton.


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