Audible Hoots: Tenderness

I (Elena) run a music magazine at university, and we always start our pitch meetings by going around the table and describing the type of music that makes our hearts race. I can never settle on a description other than “local, experimental, electronic”, which apparently does not mean much to many folks. They wanted an example. Well, here it is: Tenderness, Tenderness, TENDERNESS.

Toronto’s Chrissy Reichert makes off-kilter and looped electronic music as Tenderness with a huge dash of bravado – she samples everything from cats to door-slams and messes with the pitch of her voice incessantly. This new single, “Cruel as the Grave” melds a seductive bass-line, warbly noise and a verse I can only describe as being delivered chipmunk-style.

Seriously, more people should know about Tenderness. Flow this through your headphones for a while – let it mesmerize you.

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  1. […] CRUEL AS THE GRAVE(SINGLE) by TENDERNESS TOO WONDERFUL (FLUSH REMIX) (SINGLE) by TENDERNESS Terribly exciting to find out there’s been some new Tenderness stuff released this month! Here’s a great new single, as well as an excellent reimagining of “Too Wonderful”, a standout from one of the best albums of the year. Via Grayowl Point. […]

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