reviewed by Michael Thomas

Sometimes it’s a lot of fun to just jam out, and Toronto band VISTAVISION have created a great collection of songs to do just that to. Of course, the songs on this EP also feature a few memorable lines, but more than anything it’s easy to get absorbed into the rhythms that the band puts together.

The enigmatically titled “Cold Ropes” starts things off, building things slowly with a steady few notes on guitar. “I’ve been wondering ’bout your cold ropes,” are the opening lines of the song. The slower pace of the previous song is immediately contrasted by the decidedly frantic “A Death in the Family.” The guitar riffs are faster, as is the drumming. It features perhaps the best line of the entire album: “You know I love you but I’m not willing to fight for you.”

“Black Cat” is characterized by something like a rumble- it’s heard in both the percussion and the guitar playing. For “Train Rides” I put as a note “more soulful than the others,” but I can’t recall quite why I put that. It also makes great use of some of the other bandmates’ vocals- and as I’ve said many a time, I love group vocals.

“Grow Old” is the epic song of the album. It goes through a few structural changes, with some sections louder than others. The instruments are slow-burning, but they project a great confidence that the band already seems to possess.

Finally, there’s “We Learned Nothing,” the other truly upbeat number on the album. In fact, it sounds almost tropical. It’s also the most jammy- there is at one point a pretty crazy guitar solo.

VISTAVISION have produced some great songs on this album, and while the instrumentals are ultimately what give the band their edge, I don’t think it would quite work if they became an instrumental band. The vocals add a certain something.

Get the EP from Bandcamp.

Top Track: “A Death in the Family”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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