Video spotlight #12

The Balconies- “Do It In the Dark”

We’re a little late for Halloween, but if you haven’t yet satisfied your craving for the supernatural and the scary, then look no further than this video from the kickass Ottawa trio The Balconies. “Do It In the Dark” starts with a classic campfire scene in the woods, with a bunch of young adults looking to have a good time. Expect things to go wrong. Very wrong.

Directed by Alon Isocianu.

James and Blackburn- “Dark Sparks”

There are so many shots that it’s difficult to get a sense of how many locations this video was filmed in, but in a sense the video could almost be a microcosm of the work an indie musician does. The video is for a song off of Island Universe, the band’s debut album.

Shot and edited by Pascal H.

Atom & the Volumes- “To the Beat”

The band’s psychedelic song gets a great visual accompaniment as we are treated to an action-figure dance party featuring the likes of Batman, Wonder Woman, the Joker, a Storm Trooper, He-Man, and so much more.

Lead singer Marc Borins directed the photography for this video.

Jay Sparrow- “Until We Run Out”

This may be one of the most beautiful videos spotlighted this year, with scenes filmed in London (England), Paris (France) and Barcelona. It is also intriguing- it marks Jay Sparrow’s directorial debut, and his plan is to release a video for every one of the singles from his new album White. Together, they will tell the story of the mysterious character featured in this first video. Check out Sparrow’s website to see the next video in this series, of which many more videos are to come.

White Ash Falls- “Tonight I’ll Be Here With You”

A new side project from a Yukon Blonde member shows him and the rest of the band performing under the Queensway Bridge in Toronto. It’s interesting to note how quiet and acoustic the song is in comparison to the high-energy sound of Yukon Blonde. That of course doesn’t make the song any less endearing. The video was filmed by Mitch Fillion of Southern Souls.

White Ash Falls – Tonight I’ll Be Here With You from Light Organ Records on Vimeo.

Mike Edel – “The Country Where I Came From” 

In the gorgeous video featuring a reworked version of “The Country Where I Came From,” a song originally from Mike Edel’s standout album The Last Of Our Mountains,  the “country” is certainly on display for a very aesthetically pleasing new video. For fans of Bon Iver’s “Holocene” video, this is another one to watch.


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