Review- “Psychedelic Cottage”- Lonnie in the Garden

reviewed by Michael Thomas

Located in Guelph, Ont., Out of Sound Records has amassed a pretty interesting group of characters under its umbrella. It can be added to the list of labels with a particular sound- in this case the label really specializes in psychedelic acts, with sounds from all over the psychedelic spectrum.

Psychedelic Cottage is the latest recording from London, Ont.-based act Lonnie in the Garden. The combination of words made me think of something out of Alice in Wonderland. While it’s not necessarily that, it’s certainly comparable in terms of trippiness.

Lonne in the Garden has apparently gotten even weirder thanks to the “garden invasion” of fellow Out of Sound Records acts Whoop-Szo and Wild Domestic, both of which are psychedelic in their own right. The result of this fusion is a truly unique experience, combining the heavy guitars of 60s psychedelia with some rather stunning a cappella work as a contrast.

“Blow Up” serves an introduction to the crazier side of the band, featuring great vocals from Lynne Craven and some great background vocals from some of the other band members. The electric guitars use some major distortion to create a slightly sinister beginning to the EP.

“Hello, Hello” and “Should I Stay” are both great a cappella tracks- Craven and some of the other voices here harmonize perfectly to do nothing less than bewitch the listener. Both also feature a buildup of voices but pay off in different ways.

“Skeletons vs. Beasts” starts with some simple guitar picking which might suggest a slower song, but as the main guitar riff comes in you’ll know that won’t be the case. It gets fully weird (and catchy as hell) quickly. “Said” is a pleasant cacophony, with guitars and who knows what else mingling with multiple voices for a more challenging listen.

Finally, “Leap Year” ends on a bit of a softer note, with what sounds like the ocean in the background alongside a cool guitar and bass combination. Craven’s vocals here take on a different dimension for a different song.

Trippy and elegant, this is an EP that defies easy categorization, and is therefore one that you owe it to yourself to sample.

Psychedelic Cottage is available from Bandcamp.

Top Track: “Skeletons vs. Beasts”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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