Audible Hoots: Artifiseer

This Audible Hoot comes an experimental musician based in Fredericton, a description not generally seen much on this blog. The man who goes by the name Artifiseer has released two singles, “Blown Fuse” and “Rumours of a Murder.”

To describe these songs in detail would be kind of pointless, as there are so many individual blips and noises that it would turn into a book. “Blown Fuse” vibrates with such intensity that I thought my headphones were crackling- turns out it was just the song. It starts with a video-game-esque blip and ends with what sounds like a bottle cap or coin spinning on tile.

“Rumours of a Murder” features a fuzzy chorus of voices in the background who don’t seem to be singing so much as vocalizing. A drum machine and other sounds add some interesting effects for a rather spooky atmosphere. The ending features what sounds like skipping but is actually done intentionally.

You can get these two tracks for a grand total of $1 at Bandcamp, and all contributions will be going toward funding Artifiseer’s planned album. You can stream both tracks below.

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