Review – “Absalom” – Hinindar

reviewed by Laura Stanley 

Never have I been so intrigued by a band whose name I had no idea of the meaning of. But maybe that’s what makes them so intriguing in the first place. In any case, Waterloo folk duo Hinindar bring a remarkably haunting and dark quality to their latest EP, Absalom, showing that they are a lot more than an interesting name.

With an extensive back catalogue of demos and a record called Daily Working that features a whopping twenty-five songs, the album is available for free through Bandcamp, Hinindar is a creative force worthy of attention.

Though most of Absalom’s songs are technically not that long, five out of the six are under four minutes, they have a weight about them that make them feel much longer than they actually are. With only two verses, “Hard Love II” embodies the fullness the band is able to create despite the time of the song. With the slight touch of a banjo and additional vocals from Steph Yates, “Hard Love II” is an emotionally guitar based song but it’s the haunting guitar wails that adds another dimension.

The title track is the folkiest, most stripped down, song from the EP. Quiet and tender, “Absalom” is an unassuming love song, a beautiful way to start off the EP. The song that follows, “Come in Alive,” has a similar emotional touch and with the rich vocals of lead singer Steve Sloane at the helm, Sloane shows that he can do both the whisper-like vocals and thunderous outcries commendably.

The EP ends on another melancholic note with “The Word.” A bluesier song to the rest of Absalom, Hinindar stretch their talents as a band even further in this one, beginning as a simple combination of guitar and singer and growing to one of the completer sounding songs, “The Word” marks the end of another great notch in Hinindar’s collection.

Absalom is available on Bandcamp as well as Hinindar’s other works.

Top Tracks: “Absalom,” “Hard Love II”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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