Video spotlight #11

The Rest- “Hey! For Horses”

The description of this video is pretty straightforward- it features “puppets in compromising positions.” Not much more needs to be said, other than the fact that it’s NSFW. The song is pretty great, from the Hamilton band’s recent full-length album SEESAW. The puppets were designed by friend of the band Kori Pop.

Rich Aucoin- “Brian Wilson is A.L.i.V.E.”

A video so cool, Brian Wilson himself actually tweeted about it. The video is devilishly clever, as Rich Aucoin usually his with his visual representations. It features Aucoin in a span of just four minutes recreating several Beach Boys album covers and also encapsulating Brian Wilson’s life.

Directed by Noah Pink.

Chloe Morgan- “All That You Are”

Chloe Morgan chooses the backdrop of the 1950s to tell the story behind the track itself-a song about the strained relationship between mother and daughter.

Directed by Mike Rodriguez/Eighties Union.

Lola Dutronic- “Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead”

A razor-sharp song with great visuals to go along. The premise is simple- stars become much more famous when they die. As the singer sings about such famous (and now dead) icons as Nick Drake, Sid Vicious and Amy Winehouse, we are shown images of a whole host of other dead singers that are often idolized more after they die than while they were still alive.

Air Marshal Landing- “Me and My Friends”

Who knew a video from the point of view of three pirate action figures could be at turns heartwarming and sad? Turns out to be the case for this single from the extremely productive Uxbridge band Air Marshal Landing. Hint: friendship is a running theme here.

Back to School with Dine Alone Records

While not technically a music video, this delightfully strange video from Dine Alone Records does highlight some pretty great tunes coming out this fall from the record label, including stuff from Hannah Georgas and Great Bloomers, among others.

And finally, some news about an upcoming video:

While Bob Dylan is not a Canadian artist by any means, there is a Canadian initiative going to create a lyric video for Dylan’s song “Duquesne Whistle.” Fans can submit photos with lyrics from the song (see here for the complete lyrics) via Instagram with the tag #DylanLyricPhotos and the video will premiere on October 16.



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