Review- “Inner Classics”- Snowblink

reviewed by Michael Thomas

Listening to a Snowblink album, even just a Snowblink song, is akin to a religious experience. Both times I saw Snowblink perform live (even if they were opening acts), I felt as though I was in a trance. Daniela Gesundheit and Dan Goldman seem to be in perpetual sync, and Gesundheit’s distinct voice can melt hearts.

Having been blown away by their live show, I was understandably excited to hear their first album since 2009’s Long Live. I’m happy to report that I was not in the least bit disappointed with this effort. In fact, from the opening few seconds of the album opener I knew this would be an album that would resonate with me.

There are many, many things to love about Inner Classics. Take the opener “Pray For Surf,” which features looped vocals and a great bit of electric guitar from Goldman. Gesundheit often likes to use vocalizations in her songs, and these are present at the beginning and end of this song, almost playing the part of a church choir. Gesundheit’s distinctive yelps can be heard on a few songs here, such as “Safety Stories.”

Snowblink also proves that they can rock just as much as they can charm. The constant plucking of guitar in “Unsurfed Waves” and mingling of Gesundheit and Goldman’s vocals make for an instantly compelling song. “Black & White Mountains” features some great descriptions like “Orca-coloured” and “Zebra-coloured” mountains as well as a hypnotic beat. “Inner-Mini Mississippi” gravitates between soothing and rocking.

Even the seven-minute song “Best-Loved Spot” doesn’t lose steam at all, and this is thanks in no small part to the insane chemistry between Snowblink’s two main members. “Goodbye Eyes” shows the duo taking on a tribal atmosphere, furthering the idea of Snowblink music as religious experience.

The album also, as I alluded to, has some great lines. “Bounty” features my favourite line of the album: “Isn’t our love just like an equator?” As the album draws to a close with “Buttons” the listener will no doubt be hungry for more from this truly one-of-a-kind band. Long live Snowblink.

Inner Classics is available from Arts & Crafts and at your local record store.

Top Tracks: All of the songs are equally great

Rating: Hunting Call (Excellent) +*swoop*



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