Review- “Detours”- Thought Beneath Film

reviewed by Michael Thomas

As summer draws to a close there seems to be plenty of summer-worthy material that we haven’t had the time to get to yet. Hamilton band Thought Beneath Film falls into this category with their first release, the slick five-song EP Detours.

The EP is filled to the brim with hooks and catchy chord progressions. The songs are effortless and breezy, and the sound is accessible enough to appeal to many as opposed to a few. Part of this is thanks to the mixing and mastering, respectively, of Tom Lord-Alge and Bob Ludwig, both of whom have been involved with the recording of many big-name acts.

“If I Could Fix You (You Know That I Would),” the band’s first single, will make it clear to listeners what the band is all about. Tambourines introduce the power chords that drive the song, and the song reaches its power in the main chorus. There is also some great mingling of the guitar with a cool bass line.

“Maybe I’m a Chump” manages to keep a steady wall of sound for the entirety of the song, and “False Skin” introduces some very catchy vocalizations, one of many to likely be stuck in your head after listening.

“Hearts on Overdrive” is probably the most mature song on the album, featuring a smattering of keys and soaring arena-rock vocals. This finally leads to “Sixty-Six,” the strongest song on the album which sees the band going full out with its electric guitar and infectious vocals.

The band also keeps its song lengths tight, with most songs hovering around the three-minute mark. Those who enjoy their music will find it over before they know what hit them, making for great replay potential.

You can get the album from Bandcamp, where you can also order the EP on limited-edition electric blue vinyl.

Top Track: “Sixty-Six”

Rating: Young Hoot (Decent)

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