Review- “Whirlpool”- Michael Rault

reviewed by Michael Thomas

Several albums reviewed in the last month or so can comfortably be called summer albums. They tend to embody the spirit of good times and relaxation that summer is generally all about. The latest recording to add to this list is the latest release from Toronto-based Michael Rault. Whirlpool is an EP that will be over before you know it and will leave you hungry for so much more.

Not that that’s a bad thing at all. Rault seems to be able to write and arrange these unabashed songs with ease. The general ingredients for a song on this album are some fuzzy guitar, catchy hand claps or shakers and relatable lyrics. Though this sounds repetitive, it isn’t in the least. It’ll just make you keep on listening.

The album’s first single and arguably best song is “I Wanna Love You,” rocking a 50s-style beat as Rault sings lines like “I wanna make love to you/All the ways you want me to/I wanna take you by the hand/And make you understand.” Before you know it you’ll be at the very least tapping along to the beat.

Rault’s other songs about love are just as fun as the previously described track. “He Don’t Care About You” has a fairly obvious theme and has a steady, groove-able beat. “Fall In Love With Every Girl I See” also has a pretty descriptive song title and many listeners can probably relate. The backup vocals in this song make it even better.

Rault is at his most tongue-in-cheek with “Suckcess.” As Rault puts it in his song: “Bein’ a suckcess ain’t no fun.” It’s also a little faster than the other songs so it’s one that can be nicely rocked out to.

The EP also includes a cover of the Staple Sisters’ “Two Wings” and a lo-fi version of “I Wanna Love You.” I should also mention that this album is completely free from Bandcamp. So have a listen before the summer slips away, or play it any other season to bring the summer back.

Top Tracks: “I Wanna Love You (hi-fi)”; “Suckcess”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good) +*swoop*

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