Review- “STICKY EP”- Club Stoic

reviewed by Michael Thomas

Much like the artwork for this EP would suggest, you can expect a hazy and psychedelic ride from Club Stoic, formerly known as Gigas.

With this EP, the band has certainly done some experimenting, and it has paid off. I found their last EP to be a little bit impenetrable based on the dense layers of electronics, so it was pleasant to be able to get into this new EP on a first listen.

What this recording had that the other lacked is a sense of groove. From the first listen I found myself swaying to the music and absorbed into a trance. For one thing, vocals are more prominent here. Not that vocals necessarily make every recording more enjoyable; rather, they make the music here more accessible. The vocals are often distorted and ghostly, adding to the layers of synths and percussion.

There’s also a good blend of styles. At times, like on “Be the Change,” the EP turns industrial, at other times, like in “The Moon at Haze Cave,” you can almost get the sense of some hip-hop influence. But mostly the music is just really funky, and this is an EP perfect for parties. It will certainly set a mood.

Club Stoic have now found a niche of their own. Their newly-found funky side is very pleasing to the ear. STICKY EP is a free download from Bandcamp.

Top Track: “Light Pollution”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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