Video spotlight #10

Goodnight, Sunrise- “Love Fortress #9

Crowd sourcing is always a really fun way to put a video together, and Goodnight, Sunrise did just that for their new video. The video is tons of fun to watch as plenty of random people lip sync to the lyrics. The shots of the band playing are equally as fun to watch.

MAK- “Stone”

Not so much a music video as a live performance, but something worth looking at. MAK have shown to be an exceptionally talented young band, and this performance at Studios Piccolo shows a little bit into their process as a band.

Directed by Maxime Michaud.

Mother Mother- “Let’s Fall In Love”

You may not associate boxing with a song about love, but this is exactly what Mother Mother does in their new video from their upcoming album The Sticks. It also features Ryan Guldemond and co. decked out with some blood on their faces as they perform the song in a boxing ring.

Directed by Kathi Prosser.

Liam Titcomb- “Love Don’t Let Me Down”

The video for this single from the Toronto singer-songwriter’s album Cicada takes place in a midway that looks a lot like the CNE. Titcomb and a girl in the video spend a lot of time having fun with things like Skee-Ball and bumper cars, but the shots of the woman walking backward seem to suggest that something is amiss.

Directed by Berkley Brady.

Gdansk- “Adam’s Needle”

The video for this rather haunting and melodic song at first features the band playing in what looks like a barn. Right away one can tell that something mysterious will happen, and it will with the introduction of an author-type character. The video is rather beautiful to look at, with a good variety of indoor and outdoor shots.

Directed by Mark Bone.

The Jessica Stuart Few- “Don’t Ya”

Everyone experiences bad hair days, but this video takes it to a whole new level. Jessica Stuart wakes up to find out that her long dreadlocks have taken on a mind of their own and cause all kinds of problems for her as she tries to behave like a normal human being. Her facial expressions are priceless.


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