Video spotlight #9

Cursed Arrows- “One in the Blue”

Cursed Arrows – One In The Blue from Cursed Arrows on Vimeo.

Cursed Arrows have been creating some pretty kickass rock music, and this video seems to suit their badass ethos. The band even directed it themselves! Be advised that the video is somewhat NSFW. Look for a review of their EP “Skin Behind the Shroud” very soon.

The Perms- “High School High”

If you’ve ever had a hankering for 80s-esque music videos let this sate your appetite. The Perms have turned their catchy song into an extremely hilarious videos featuring cheesy wigs and the band performing in a high-school classroom. It recalls the hair bands of the eighties and makes this song even more catchy than it already is.

Directed by Jeff Bromley.

Leisure Suit- “The Chapel Sessions|Distraction”

The title should give away the video’s setting- it’s the band playing in a chapel, the first of a four-part series. The beginnings of the song the band performs features a keyboard that sounds just like a church organ, adding to the haunting quality of this video. Great stuff, and you can see more of the Chapel Sessions videos through the band’s YouTube page.

Filmed by William Wilkinson and Zac Benloulou.

Zoo Legacy- “L.K.U.T.”

This Ottawa-based hip-hop group has recently released this video for the song from their upcoming City Light Glow EP. The video shows the guys attending a pretty fun-looking party, complete with sparklers and glowsticks.

Directed by Cloud in the Sky Studios.

Joshua Hyslop feat. Anna Scouten- “What Have I Done?”

The video is kind of like Coldplay’s “The Scientist” confined to one room. Hyslop and Scouten begin the video in a house that’s more or less destroyed, and things slowly start piecing themselves back together. The video asks the literal question “What have they done?”

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