Review- “Say It Again”- The Folk

reviewed by Michael Thomas

It took me an embarrassingly long time to finally get around to listening to this Guelph/Toronto group. They seem to be around all the time, and I always seem to just narrowly miss them. Most recently, I almost saw them during NXNE this year but couldn’t due to their late time slot.

So it was nice to finally sit down and listen to the latest offering from this band, a three-song EP. Despite their calm-sounding name, this group is anything but. The group can get loud and crazy, and it’s pretty fun to listen along to.

The opener on this EP is “Rules of Youth,” which starts out with fuzzy-sounding drums before some distorted vocals come in. The fuzziness and loud instrumentation give the song a really dreamy atmosphere and may even make you feel a little pumped up. As the song progresses the guitars grind a little more and some “la la la’s” add even more to the dream-like atmosphere.

“When I Go Away” doesn’t waste any time, beginning right away with loud guitars. A different vocalist begins this time, but by the time the chorus comes in you can hear at least two different sets of vocals. The tone of the song is fairly angry: “Don’t act like you give a fuck” is one of the more prominent lines of the song.

The last song is the comparatively calm title track. This song makes it even more apparent that this is a group effort. You will never hear less than two people singing this song, and the song is backed by one guitar mostly, though a second can be heard a little bit. There’s a lot of raw passion in this song, and I could see some future version of this song absolutely exploding into a frenzy.

The Folk are steadily increasing their offerings to the world, having released another EP in December. The tiny increments make it a little difficult to gauge the band overall, but Say It Again is most definitely a sign that we can expect some awesome things.

The EP is available from Bandcamp.

Top Track: “Rules Of Youth”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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