Review- “Time and Space and Everything in Between”- Jesse & the Dandelions

reviewed by Michael Thomas

It has been a busy few years for Jesse Northey. The Lethbridge, Alta.-based musician saw his band’s full-length album released two years ago. Shortly after he started his own record label and has since had a few releases there.

The experience and time has certainly been kind to his main act, Jesse & the Dandelions. Since The Lion’s Tooth the band’s songs have become tighter and more polished, and this new EP is a good example of showing how far they’ve come.

The first song on the EP is “Infinity,” which starts right out of the gate with great bass from Tyler Stewart and crashing drums from Nick Vedres alongside Northey’s guitar. “I just counted to infinity and back/I counted up to ten and never once looked back,” Northey sings in his indie-rock voice that still reminds me intermittently of Tyler Bancroft. The song gets even more exciting toward the end with the sounds of what seem to be bells.

“Only a Rocketship Can Save Us” is a longer song than the others, thus the length serves as a buildup, with the music slowly coming together as the song marches on. The hook toward the beginning of the song goes “There is nothing in my head,” perhaps referring to a spacey narrator with big dreams. The song turns into a big jam session toward the end before coming to a gentle close.

“Shadows” starts with lo-fi-sounding guitars before the signature crashing drums come in. The prevalence of Northey’s guitar makes this song slightly different than the rest. The theme of the song is interesting, as Northey sings “I’m in love with your shadow.” He sings about the shadow being ever-changing and growing.

My favourite track on the EP has to go to “Stealing Moonbeams.” From the staccato key playing to the reverbed vocals, this song feels just as otherworldly as the title might suggest. The addition of Northey’s theremin playing makes it even more spacey.

The EP comes to a close with the slightly roots-y “The Fire.” The song talks of fire not as a menace, but as a “chance to start new.”

Another cool thing to note about the EP is that it follows the recording title pretty closely, with songs about counting to infinity and the theft of moonbeams to dreaming about rocketships. When everything falls together like that it makes the listening experience even more fun.

Time and Space and Everything in Between is a great follow-up to their album and shows that this band has definitely grown up a lot. The EP is available for purchase/streaming via Bandcamp.

Top Track: “Stealing Moonbeams”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)


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