Songs That Should Be On Your Canada Day Playlist

What happens when you Google “Canadian Owl”

From us owls to you, we want to wish you a very Happy Canada Day! Without the music of this great country, this blog never would happen so to celebrate our nation’s birthday, here’s a list of songs we feel should be on your Canada Day Playlist:

“Jasper” – Aidan Knight

A song that captures both that feeling of summer and the wonders of the Athabasca River in Alberta, Aidan Knight’s biggest hit is essential Canada Day material. For more Canadian fun with Aidan Knight, check out his unreleased song, “Canadian Lovesong.”

“Montréal” – Bahamas

Although it might not as upbeat as some of the other songs on the list, Bahamas’ “Montreal” is a heartbreaking slow jam for the ages perfect for your Canada day evening.

“Trans Canada” – The Constantines

About Canada’s most known highway, The Constantines’ “Trans Canada” will keep you going throughout the long weekend even if you’re stuck in highway traffic.

“Poor Girls of Ontario” – Daniel Romano

Daniel Romano gives a new spin on this fun traditional Canadian folk song.

“Tommy Douglas” – Will Currie & The Country French

You don’t like a piano-pop song that addresses Canadian politics? You’re crazy then.

“Oh Alberta” – Elliott Brood 

Staying in this Canada day? Travel across the country with Elliott Brood then.

“Emerald Lake, AB” – Said the Whale

This should be a fairly obvious one. It didn’t win a Bucky for “Most Canadian Song” for nothing!

“Bridge to the USA” – Boxer the Horse

This sounds wrong, but in fact the guys wrote this song while driving down Toronto’s Don Valley Parkway. For a more rocking Canada Day party.

“Sound of Hamilton” – Hands & Teeth

The song manages to make Hamilton, Ontario sound as gritty as its reputation.

“Mademoiselle” – Inlet Sound

You may not know it, but it was written as a love letter to Montreal.

“Radios”- Brian Dunn

We can’t talk about Canada without talking about the CBC, so why not include a song with the line “Turn the CBC back on”?


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