Video Spotlight #8

Video spotlight #8 features some very crafty videos from a wide range of your favourite musicians:

Octoberman – “Pool Hoppin'”

“Pool Hoppin,'” one of the more poppier songs from Octoberman’s newest album Waiting In The Well, is the latest song to get the video treatment. What begins as a fairly innocent couple’s romp in the pool turns a little dangerous as an angry third party joins in.

Directed by Josh Warburton

Michael Rault – “I Want To Love You”

The new video from Michael Rault for his song “I Want To Love You,” off of his new EP due out next month, is certainly a cool one. Shot in a black in white, 1960s style, the video has Rault playing to a dancing, drinking, and smoking crowd, the perfect vibe for the feel of the song.

Directed by Mike Mclaughlin

Boxer The Horse – “Rattle Your Cage”

A lighthearted new video for Boxer The Horse’s lead single from their new album French Residency, is one that is just plain fun. Skateboarding turns into surfing with absolutely no special effects at all.

Directed by The Gamut

Plants and Animals – “H.C.”

Montreal’s indie rock trio Plants and Animals have set their mini song “H.C.” to a stunning and intricate video. The director, Aimée van Drimmelen, uses hand drawn pictures and a looped Super 8 footage of light all projected on an yellowed marching band drum for a beautiful result.

Video Produced, Directed & Animated by Aimée van Drimmelen

Dale Murray – “My New World” 

Dale Murray’s (Ex-Cuff The Duke-er) solo album Dream Mountain Dream, is a collection of organic folk songs and his video for “My New World” reflects just that feeling. Showing Murray playing his guitar and harmonica in the woods, “My New World” also has a cameo from Murray’s wife and fellow musician (who’s also featured on Dream Mountain Dream), Christina Martin.

Young Empires- “White Doves”

Click here for the video’s website

There’s a reason this video has its own website- it’s an interactive video of sorts, and it may just creep you out. Here’s what you do- log into the website using Facebook and prepare to have it use all of your photos (and the photos of a friend) as a background to the enigmatic story the video tells. Plus, the song is kickass.

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