Review – “Become Another Person” – Careful Hands

reviewed by Laura Stanley

As folk music continues to make a resurgence, in Canada it seems like in particular, it’s getting harder to be able to stand apart from your contemporaries. While the lyrics of most folk acts are still often strong and intensely emotional, it’s the voice that allows for an artist to truly stand apart.

In his eight song, self-recorded, debut album, Regina’s Brennon Patterson aka Careful Hands, injects his folk music with some personality thanks to a very unique voice. In a style of music that can be classified at times as haunt-folk, Patterson’s vocals are rich but have a creepy twang about them à la Timber Timbre.

“The Tragedy and the Waltz” and “What We Share” are examples of the brand of haunt-folk that Careful Hands has. Emotional and dark sounding, both of these songs make for melancholic but beautiful tracks. “The Slumber” fully captures that talent that is Careful Hands, making it the strongest offering from Become Another Person. Both incredibly thoughtful and somber, if you listen to one song from the album, make it “The Slumber.”

On a different end of the sound spectrum, Careful Hands also includes some melodious, upbeat songs in Become Another Person. Although this makes for a big contrast between some songs, both moods of the album are equally strong.

The opening song, “Such of You,” combines a harmonica to a more melodic sounding brand of folk, “All Through The Night” has a similar buoyant sound while a later song, “Going Nowhere,” has a carefree sense to it that makes you almost forget about the eerie feeling a couple of songs back.

With his memorable voice, Brennon Patterson’s album Become Another Person is a solid collection of homemade songs that range from dark and heavy to light and carefree but are all successful in what they aim to do.

Become Another Person is available for name your price on Bandcamp.

Top Tracks: “What We Share,” “The Slumber”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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