Review- “Romantic Fitness”- Tom Keenan

reviewed by Michael Thomas

What does it mean to be romantically fit? Who knows, but this album from Tom Keenan offers plenty of suggestions. Some songs are about people who have made seriously bad choices in love, others are eager to be with their loved one, and some just want to tell their lover what they mean to them.

The album starts off with arguably the best number of the entire album, “100 Hours.” It even has an awesome video featuring a sad-looking plasticine dog. The song itself reminded me of Lily Allen’s style a little bit. Not that her songs and Keenan’s songs sound anything alike, but just the idea of having pleasant instrumentals over sad/angry lyrics. In its short time span, the song has synths, harmonica, guitar, drums and more. This song is an example of people who have made the wrong choices. See line: “His daddy is a bum who fucked up a really good thing.”

The next few songs slow things down a little bit. “I Committed a Crime” slows down the instrumentation, and there’s a kickass harmonica solo later on down the line. “I Don’t Want to Lie Down” is almost country-flavoured, again with a slower beat.

Funnily enough, my other favourite song on the album is called “Another 100 Hours.” Unlike its namesake, this song is done primarily with a keyboard, and Keenan’s vocals basically sync in time with each note played.

After this song, the rest of the album gets more musically complex, and a lot more fun to listen to. “River St.” is another song slightly influenced by country, and it even picks up a banjo at some point. “Bomb Song” is a pretty awesome number that starts out with just an acoustic guitar and kick drum before changing melodies (and it does at least once more before the song ends).

“Run Out Of Money” is definitely the softest song on the album, but quite lecherous. Keenan sings “Once again I have run out of money and all I want to do is make love to you.” He later sings about not being able to go on the internet at the library because he’ll just look at porn. It’s definitely on the stranger side but still enjoyable.

Romantic Fitness is an album that shows the ups and downs of love, and the music definitely reflects that. You can get the album as a name-your-price download from Bandcamp.

Top Tracks: “100 Hours”; “Another 100 Hours”; “Bomb Song”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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