Video spotlight #7

This one’s earlier than usual because we’ve got some exciting videos for you to take a gander at.

Bravestation- “Signs of the Civilized”

This one took some time coming, but it was well worth the wait. The video accompanies the first single from this incredibly talented Toronto band’s debut full-length, Giants and Dreamers (out July 10, 2012). The video is all about rituals and the seeking of eternal youth. And the band members look pretty dashing in full suits. Bravestation are undoubtedly a favourite here at Grayowl Point, and for good reason.

The video was co-directed by Derek Wilson (guitarist for the band) and Adrian Vieni of Wood & Wires.

Koko Bonaparte- “Your Fate”

According to Bonaparte (who you might recognize from INTERSTLLR), this video got some interest and controversy for looking “weird and cheap.” Regardless of what you think, it’s a video that might be hard to look away from. Some of it looks like it was filmed with a webcam, other bits look like abstract art (involving the eating of flowers too, apparently). And the gentle beat and breathy vocals make it even more mesmeric.

Fevers- “Passion is Dead (Long Live Fashion)”

Okay, watching this video is probably impossible to do without smiling at the very least. This Ottawa electro-pop group looks very happy throughout the video for one of their debut EP’s best songs. Also to see: group dancing about two-and-a-half minutes in and the lead singer singing to her reflection in the mirror, who listens and then sings back.

Directed by Shooter McNally.

Young Liars- “Colours”

Naturally, the first official video is very, well, colourful. Every few frames you’ll see some swirling colours, like food colouring dropped into water, and the rest will be shots of the band playing in a hallway that sometimes, you guessed it, changes colour. The blue is pretty pleasing, and so is the green. The song is pretty damn catchy too.

Wintersleep – “In Came The Flood” 

Wintersleep is back with a new single from their upcoming album, due out June 12th, Hello Hum (which I’m [Laura] currently really loving!). “In Came The Flood” is a glorious sounding indie-rock track while the Coldplay “Clocks”-like colourful-lights-in-a-dark- setting video evolves into something so much more. Oh, and Paul Murphy – I am available.

Directed by Sean Wainsteim

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