Review- “Reid Sings Loree”- Rick Reid

reviewed by Michael Thomas

Apparently this time on the blog is “awesome Canadiana projects” themed. On Friday I talked about Cedar Park, a project that brought together a whack of Canadian talent, and today I’m talking to you about a musician who has covered songs by Steve Loree of the bands Greyhound Tragedy and Jr. Gone Wild, both seminal Edmonton band of yesteryear.

Three of the songs  (“Cold Fusion,” “Money Tree” and “Space Cadet”) are songs from Greyhound Tragedy and one (“Akit’s Hill”) is by Jr. Gone Wild. I couldn’t find the original versions of the song online, but from what I’ve gathered, Greyhound Tragedy is a metal band, so Reid (a member of the City Streets) has taken the songs to new places.

“Cold Fusion” is a very pretty acoustic tune that features a little bit of background noise. Reid’s vocals are also filled with reverb, making the song quite ethereal. Toward the end of the song, the electric guitar kicks in a little more, and the song ends unexpectedly in the middle of a note.

While the previous song was gentle thanks to the acoustic guitar, “Money Tree” accomplishes the rare feat of being gentle as well despite the presence of a distorted electric guitar in the foreground. Again, Reid succeeds in making his songs an intimate affair and a loving tribute. The lyrics “It’s too late to turn around now/It’s too far north to turn back south” really got to me.

“Akit’s Hill” definitely feels the most intimate of the four, with just an acoustic guitar and little else.

Finally, “Space Cadet” is an appropriately spacey tune, with synths building up the background as Reid sings tells a grand story with the lyrics. It’s an atmospheric wrong that really helps the EP feel like it’s come to an appropriate end. The repetition of “Wake Me Up” further makes you feel like you’re in a dream while listening.

Reid Sings Loree is a name-your-price download from Bandcamp.

Top Tracks: All four

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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