Video spotlight #6

Brian Dunn- “Radios (CBC)”

Considering this is the first of five planned videos from Brian Dunn’s upcoming album, the home-move quality of the video is most definitely shot that way on purpose. With multiple visual tears, the video looks like a basement rehearsal but definitely gives the song an intimate (yet strange) vibe. It’ll be interesting to see what Dunn comes out with next.

Film by John Alden Milne.

Tom Keenan- “100 Hours”

Who knew one could feel sorry for a plasticine dog? Well that’s the case with the song from Tom Keenan’s album Romantic Fitness. The video is short, and features a very morose man, a recently-neutered cat and the saddest-looking green dog ever. The story can be interpreted in different ways, and I’m hoping that pet owner learns how to treat his animals better.

Birthday Girls- “Blood Brothers”

I’ve never seen this Ottawa-based band perform live, but this video is probably a good indication of what a show of theirs would look like, and the answer is pretty damn fun. The band has got a ton of energy (which should be apparent if you’ve ever heard their music before) and it definitely shows. In the video, the band is playing in what looks like a very narrow room. The members look like they could bounce off the wall any second.

Filmed by Skyler Laferniere.

Dan Mangan – “About As Helpful As You Can Be Without Being Any Help At All”

Considering I can recall every single video Dan Mangan has been a part of, he knows how to pick his directors. This latest video, from Oh Fortune, is really weird. I don’t know what exactly is going on, but those strange dancers with half-marked faces are definitely going to be burned into my memory for a while. Plus, what’s going on with the strange wasteland Mangan is inhabiting? Final random observation: he looks really, really pristine in this video.

Directed by Stuart Gillies.

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