Keeping up with Del Bel

Del Bel is not a band that slows down. Since releasing the acclaimed Oneiric last year, they’ve gone on to release a remix EP and singer Lisa Conway as well as Tyler Belluz have released an EP under the name Chrome and the Ice Queen.

Now, Del Bel proper has released a new single, a duet with Conway and Bry Webb. “No Cure For Loneliness” is an even more “cinematic” song than I’ve heard since. It’s got a sultry, old-timey vibe to it with a prominent horn section. In fact, the musicians playing on it could fill at least two bands. Webb sounds like he could be a member of Del Bel any time he needs to drop in and Conway’s vocals are as expressive as always.

Finally, they’re going on a tour throughout May. See below for listings:

May 11- Ottawa, ON- Raw Sugar *$
May 12- Peterborough, ON- TBD *!
May 13- Quebec City, Que.- TBD *
May 15- Rothesay, NB- Treehouse *
May 16- Sackville, NB- Legion *+
May 17- Halifax, NS- TBD *
May 18- Halifax, NS- Company House *=>
May 19- Montreal, Que.- Divan Orange %
May 20-Hull, Que.- Le Temporaire *+
May 22-Montreal, Que. St. Catharine Theatre *
May 27- London, ON- Grickle Grass Festival &
June 1- Toronto, ON- 918 Bathurst (Wavelength #543, single release show) *^

* Lisa Bozikovic
$ Silken Laumann
! Joseph Fortin
+ Baby Eagle
=Gianna Lauren
> Steve Gates
% Joe Grass
& Maylee Todd
^ Bry Webb

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