Video spotlight #5

Octoberman- “Wind Up Bird”

Fans of Haruki Murakami’s work will be delighted with this new video from Octoberman. Inspired by the Murakami epic The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, this animated video can almost encapsulate the whole book into four minutes. And the song is pretty great too, being also inspired by the book.

Animation and direction by Mitch Papineau.

Alright Alright- “Swimming”

This band really loves their music videos. This one takes viewers through what feels like a strange 70s montage of all manners of things- sliding down a slide with multicoloured lights, people swimming (I would hope), old cartoons, strange creatures popping out of the sky, and so much more.

Great Lake Swimmers- “New Wild Everywhere”

The video for the title track of the new Great Lake Swimmers album is pretty silly, but the band likely knows that. Set with Toronto as a backdrop, the band starts in front of a “fire” and pretty soon finds their little island uprooted and flying through the sky. It’s some good fun.

Directed by Adam Makarenko.

Andrew Johnston- “Something You Already Know”

Sometimes a simple video works when accompanying heartfelt material. Johnston, who is a bandmate of JF Robitaille, released his album The Wake of the Wonder Years last year. The video is more or less Johnston strumming a few different instruments overt the backdrop of a city. Watch at about the halfway mark for the most rockstar playing of an acoustic guitar probably ever.

Directed by Derek Dugas and Mike Paterson.

Nash- “Taken Away”

In the “holy-crap-this-is-awesome” category of videos, we have this stunning video by Nash, a Montreal band that is starting to rise, slowly but surely. The video is animated like something out of A Scanner Darkly and is pretty great to behold.

Directed by Christopher Mills.

The Barr Brothers – “Old Mythologies”

In the new video for the standout track, “Old Mythologies” from Montreal’s The Barr Brothers’ self-titled record, we find the band being accosted, in various ways, by an older couple with a beautiful skyline in the background. A rather light-hearted approach to the otherwise sad lyrics, the “Old Mythologies” video contrasts the song but still fits.

Directed by Kaveh Nabatian

Dan Mangan – “Post-War Blues”

Dan Mangan’s political fuelled new video for the already political charged “Post-War Blues” certainly makes an impact. On the heels, maybe coincidentally, of the 2012 Canadian budget, Mangan makes it clear how important the arts are.

Directed by Kevin Eastwood


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