Video Spotlight #4

Carnival Moon- “Quizzical Face”

The video by this “harpcore” Toronto duo is a little mesmerizing. It’s filled with shots of various people and places (all contained within the woods) and has lots of cool costumes. You’ll see both halves of Carnival Moon eventually. I feel like this could be the first of a series of themed videos, kind of like what Neverending White Lights did for his fast album (those angel-themed videos still stick out in my mind to this day). Directed by Neil Cavalier and Natalie Logan.

Rae Spoon- “Ocean Blue”

Naturally, with a song title that references the ocean, there’s some water involved in this video from Spoon’s I Can’t Keep All Of Our Secrets. If there’s one thing that Spoon is remarkable for in this video it’s how stone-faced he is throughout, whether he’s being rowed in a gondola or covered with seaweed and netting (and yes, both of these things happen). Directed by Chelsea McMullan.

Fisticuffs- “Live Well”

Not strictly a music video, but it’s well worth some attention. Done for Shot at the Dark, Fisticuffs performed this warm song in -30 degree weather. No joke. I almost felt chilly just watching the video. But it’s a great song, and that should keep you listening.

Said the Whale- “Big Wave Goodbye”

What starts out looking like a rehash of Coldplay’s video for “Yellow” quickly turns into something a lot more fun. The song, from Said the Whale’s album Little Mountain, starts off slow but becomes a dance party by the end of the track. And what’s more of a party than dancing around a beach bonfire? The video was shot by Amazing Factory Productions, who have done great things in the past with other BC talent like We Are the City.

Cygnets- “Satellites”

The video isn’t necessarily innovative on multiple levels, but it does give a bit of insight into the energy this band has. The band even directed their own video, which is pretty interesting. Look for a review of their new (free) album Dark Days coming out on Monday.


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