Video spotlight #3

Here we go.

ALX- “I Will Love You More”

Toronto songstress Allie Hughes has recently become the mysterious entity known as ALX, and as a celebration of sorts for the new name she has revealed a new video. The clip manages to be glamorous and sexy, but at the same time, really fucking weird. There’s a mannequin involved, that’s all I’m saying here. The video is intensely watchable.

Directed by Jeff Scheven.

Frank Fuller- “Song for W.S.”

At first it was unclear why a five-minute video of a guy on a big snowy plain would be interesting. But it turns out the video is pretty mesmerizing. Snow is absolutely beautiful to film, and the simple yet mysterious arc of the music video will keep you watching.

Directed by Guillaume Monette.

Poor Young Things- “Blame It On the Good Times”

The band’s Let It Sleep EP was all about making the transition to Toronto, a huge city with much to explore. So naturally, the first video by this band is all about the city. Torontonians will recognize much of the Toronto ground covered in the song, such as the Eaton Centre and of course the CN Tower.

Directed by Kevin Davidson.

Joshua Hyslop- “Nowhere Left to Go”

From one end of the country to the other, Joshua Hyslop’s new video was shot in Cypress Falls, North Vancouver, and boy is it an absolutely gorgeous place. The contemplative, soft atmosphere of Hyslop’s songwriting suits the quiet nature of the video.

Directed by Mike Rodriguez.

Cuff the Duke- “Count on Me”

Aerial attacks, explosions, and a love story take centre stage in Cuff the Duke’s new video for “Count on Me.” In this video for the single off their now Juno Award nominated album Morning Comes, the alt-country rockers find themselves not simply playing their music for the young love story but right in the cross-fire of it.

Directed by Christopher Mills.


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