Video spotlight #2

Time to get down to business.

Current Swell- “Too Cold”

This Victoria, BC band took some time off touring and shot this video in a Toronto mansion. Present in the mansion are the band and a few old people. As the song reaches its intensity, it begins to snow indoors. You can almost feel the cold emanating from this song.

Directed by John JP Poliquin.

Daniel Romano- “Time Forgot (To Change My Heart)”

If “Planet of the Apes” freaked you out, brace yourself for Daniel Romano’s new video for his song, “Time Forgot (To Change My Heart).” For the video of this already heart-wrenching song, Romano takes you through the evolution (literally) of heartbreak.

Directed by Ken Galloway.

Wildlife- “Sea Dreamer”

The band’s own description of the video is probably enticing enough. According to the band: “It’s got rival gangs, street bowling, food fighting, a gun(!), more weapons, more fighting, and props! So many props!” I’ll also add a guy (girl?) in a horse mask and leggings galore. Check it out.

Directed by Marc André Debruyne.

Dixie’s Death Pool- “Disorganized Thoughts”

I’m not entirely sure what is going on in this video, but I think that’s the point. Much like Dixie’s Death Pool, the musical project of Lee Hutzulak, this video is dense. There seems to be a lot of shadows and multi-colours and apparently fireworks.

Boombox Saints ft. Jill Laxamana- “The Break Up Song”

Released on Valentine’s Day, this video by the Vancouver hip-hop group features not only a song about a breakup, but also some pretty sweet gymnastics in the background. Ribbon twirling has always been quite the art and this is no exception.

Directed by Mark “MR” Rodriguez.

We’ve certainly ran the genre gamut with this week’s spotlight. Leave a comment if you have any strong opinions on any of these videos. As well, if you’re in a band (or representing one) and you have a recently-released video, send us an email at You may just be in our next spotlight.

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