Review- “Common Things”- Versa

reviewed by Michael Thomas

Despite the EP’s name, Versa has proven that they aren’t very common after all.

After releasing their majestic album The Decline & Fall Of… last year the band got to work on an EP that was just released in the beginning of January. The EP features five songs, one of which is a remix.

In fact, on the EP you’ll hear the song “Common Things” twice. Though the song made its first appearance on their previous album it gets a reworking specifically for the EP. The new version has cut down the song length by quite a bit and is arguably a stronger piece here. There’s not as long of a buildup to the joyous main melody of the song and it feels good to hear. The song appears again at the end of the EP as an Olav remix and it still manages to preserve the integrity of the song, albeit with some electronics worked in.

The next two songs are lush instrumental affairs. The first is “Love-In-Idleness.” It starts with a repeated bass/guitar combination but is overtaken by piano for a brief spell. It switches again to strings and then adds some drums to create a very cinematic song. I could see this song being used in a boss battle in a video game.

“Lantern Season” is a bit more of a drawn-out song, starting with a quiet and gentle guitar riff. It eventually adds strings and other instruments, drawing a crescendo that the band does so well.

There’s also “Flew the Coup” which is another song that incorporates vocals. Multiple vocals are used extremely well here, making the song even more potent and cinematic.

Post-rock ensembles seem to be fantastic at creating an atmosphere, and Versa is no exception.

Common Things is available as a free download from Versa’s website.

Top Track: “Lantern Season”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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