Video spotlight #1

I don’t know whether or not this is going to be a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly thing, but I think it’s about time this became a thing. We’ve been getting a few video submissions lately, so I think it’s only fair that they are given as much spotlight as the artists whose albums we review.

#1: Jean Caffeine- “Jane Rearranged”

Jean Caffeine has an interesting story to tell about her life. She started out as a drummer for an all-girl band (who opened for The Clash) and when that band ended she started an alt-country band. After that she quit music for a while and worked as an animator, of note for Richard Linklater’s Waking Life (which is an awesome movie, if you haven’t seen it). Then she moved to Ontario and pretty soon she was recording her first album in ten years. You can get the single free and stream the rest of the album via her Bandcamp page.

The video, meanwhile, is lovingly lo-fi and made by Jean Caffeine herself.

#2: Young Liars- “Colours”

This band already has a strong song in “Colours” and the video is a simple yet effective way of transmitting that strength. The lyrics show up in a variety of ways (and colours) which has certainly been done before, but I felt like the video just didn’t need to be anymore than it already is.

#3: Alright Alright- “Bingo Bango”

What do Hot Wheels, Speed Racer and Batman & Robin all have in common? They’re all featured in this strange video for a pretty awesome song by Toronto’s Alright Alright. The video, directed by Omar Saab, is full of nostalgia and will also make you want to dance just like the people in the video. The song itself is also available free via Bandcamp.

#4: Jessica Allossery- “Change the World”

This video is nice for an entirely different reason. While the video isn’t Allossery’s, the warmness of the song matches the warmness of intentions by the maker of the video. A Brazilian filmmaker used this as a way of thanking the city of Barcelona.

#5- The Pack A.D.- “Sirens”

Not a submission, but this is the best thing I have seen all day. The catchy first single from the duo’s incredible album Unpersons is the chronicle of a man driven to insanity by the song itself. Watch out; prolonged exposure to this song and/or video may cause irresolvable rage issues. Directed by Lloyd Choi.

That’s all for this week. To all Canadian artists and fans, if you have a video that you think is worthy of sharing, send us an email at

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