Review – “Don’t Reach Out” – Long Weekends

Don't Reach Out 7''

by Adria Young

Long Weekends released their new 7” EP Don’t Reach Out at Gus’s Pub on Friday, January 13th. OoOoh. Spooky. I waited for Freddy Kreuger all night. Halifax’s garage pop threesome follows up Warmer Weather and “Shame on You” with two totally killer tracks.

“Don’t Reach Out” is already a classic Long Weekends jam, and I’m reminded of my favourite parts of their earlier releases. That is to say, they have their own sound and style. And this song makes you want to move. Or, it should, if you’re alive at all. At least the floor of Gus’s moshed it out. I danced so hard my cellphone flew out of my pocket.

“Show Your Face” is a little scratchier, and the mood is a little darker. It’s threatening and ominous, which must have inspired the album art by YORODEO. That’s what the album art captures, in any event. But I’m a little pushed back by this track, like Long Weekends is about to beat me up. But then they pick up a tambourine and I just wanna’ dance.

Long Weekends' bassist and fan.

Part of the Noyes Records Singles Series, Don’t Reach Out is available on Bandcamp.

Top Track: “Don’t Reach Out”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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