Review- “Hunting Season”- Hands & Teeth

reviewed by Michael Thomas

It’s been a little while since the band’s Enjoy Your Lifestyle EP but the band has thankfully been hard at work on their new album, Hunting Season.

This time around the band is still just as experimental, though with shorter (and arguably more catchy) songs. Hands & Teeth still pack awesome male/female vocal combinations and an unpredictable blend of guitar, bass and drums.

Though only eight songs, Hunting Season definitely feels like a full package, especially because each song is so vastly different. The opener “It’s Coming Back” is a dreamy song with smooth guitar and bass riffs. The T.O. Music Snob could not have described the song better when he called the song “the wistful lovechild of Broken Social Scene and Ohbijou.”

Contrast that with the following song “All That Was” and you’ll wonder if you’re listening to the same band. This one starts out sparse but explodes with energy as it reaches the chorus. It’s these unpredictable song structures that make Hunting Season such a joy.

The title track is included twice on the album, once at full length and the other as (I think) a radio edit. The playful yet frenzied atmosphere of the song definitely makes the song radio-friendly in the same way that Mother Mother’s “The Stand” could be heard often on CBC Radio 3 as well as 102.1 The Edge. Both songs have the boy/girl call-and-answer making the songs work.

Their song “Sound of Hamilton” is a gritty song, very fitting for such an industrial city. The male vocals are dark and barely there, and the track ends with a strange whirring coming most likely from a keyboard.

“Missing” is another Broken Social Scene-esque track which is more laid-back and is interesting due to the heavy emphasis on the end syllable of several of the song’s words.

There’s more to the album, of course, but it’s one that should be explored and listened to several times. Check out their website for details on how you can get the album and, should you be free, come see them tonight at the Horseshoe Tavern for their FREE CD release show with Honheehonhee.

Top Tracks: “It’s Coming Back”; “Hunting Season”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good) +*swoop*


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