Audible Hoots: The O’Darling

         by Laura Stanley 

Due in large part to the wonderful Aidan Knight, (The O’Darling’s Olivier Clements, David Barry, and Colin Nealis have joined Knight’s backing-band as of late) I have been a fan of The O’Darling since I first heard their self-titled record a couple of years ago. (Listen to the song “Fire, Fire.” A mind-blower to say the least.) At seven members, The O’Darling packs a powerful musical punch in a stunning and rich orchestral-pop sound.

Before the band went on hiatus last year, The O’Darling were in the middle of recording an EP. What would have been forgotten songs are now coming out of the wood-work thanks to Nealis who has been working hard to get these songs finally released. According to the band, “Buzz” is hopefully just one of three new songs to be released. (Yeah!)

A little over eight minutes of pure charm and lushness, “Buzz” is the perfect addition to The O’Darling’s already great repertoire.

Listen and download “Buzz” via Bandcamp (and below) or stream it here.


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