Review – “Sweater EP” – Octoberman

reviewed by Laura Stanley a3026569057_2

As I sit here writing this review and listening to Octoberman’s Sweater EP, wearing a wool sweater no less, I can’t help but be drawn in by its simple charm. The quaint four song EP, one of numerous releases from this collective Toronto band since 2005, is in anticipation of their forth-coming full-length album due out in 2012.

Energetic and verging on reckless, “Not That Kind” clocks in at under two minutes but certainly captivates listeners right from the beginning of the EP. It’s when lead singer Marc Morrissette starts singing when Octoberman really starts to peak your interest. With his endearing vocal twang, Morrissette delivers clever and wonderfully worded lyrics that have a little extra charisma behind them because of his voice.

Unlike the first two songs, “The Years,” which is available for free download, also embodies that multi-faceted indie rock sound like “Not That Kind.” The final two songs, “Soft and Lonely French Girl” and “Old Wool Sweater,” amp-up the folkier sound, letting the lyrics do the talking.

The bouncy piano section and later on the trumpet section of, “Soft and Lonely French Girl” make for an obviously appealing song but it’s “Old Wool Sweater” that gets me.

About the ending of a relationship, Morrissette brings the sweater reference into play, singing, “You wear me down like an old wool sweater.” The fluid guitar work throughout the track makes for a beautifully controlled feel to the song while the end horn section brings the song and the EP to a perfect close.

If Octoberman’s 2012 album sounds anything like their Sweater EP, it should be a great record!

Sweater EP is available on Bandcamp and 

Top Tracks: “Not That Kind,” “Old Wool Sweater”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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