Review – “Hiding” – Carly Maicher

reviewed by Laura Stanley

As a huge fan of beautifully written, simplistic folk music, I can’t help but love the quiet movement of sparse folk music that is developing across the country. In Carly Maicher’s debut album, Hiding, Maicher takes an honest approach to her music, becoming a wonderful addition to the growing number of Canadian folk musicians.

Recently joining the Prairie Roots Revue, a small tour bringing together Saskatchewan artists, in this case: Ryan Boldt (The Deep Dark Woods), Northcote, Zachary Lucky, and Maicher, to rural Prairie communities, Maicher is already having no trouble finding a welcoming niche for her music.

Maicher’s vocal strength is an immediate pull with Hiding. Crystal clear and confident with a slight twang that just makes it that much more charming, it reflects that of fellow Canadian folk-singer Basia Bulat or America’s newest indie-folk sensation Joanne Newsome.

Mostly guitar based songs, although the pedal-steel and banjo scattered throughout are wonderful additions, Hiding features help, both musically and with recording, from fellow Prairie Roots Revue tour member, Zachary Lucky. Additional vocals from Jonathan Anderson, beautifully featured in, “What I Wanted” as well as throughout the record, entirely complement those of Maicher’s.

Despite the vagueness and huge encompassing space of some of her song titles, “The Road,” “The Sea,” “My Mountain,” etc., there is a quaintness to them. With personal and descriptive  sentiments scattered throughout, the song titles suddenly don’t feel so vague anymore.

Both “My Friend, The Moon” and “My Wild Heart” are some of the more musically upbeat songs. “I want to go across the land to where my wild heart will go” sings Maicher in “My Wild Heart,” a gorgeous track that strives for adventures.

Finally, the lulling, repetitive pick of the guitar in “Worry,” another standout, makes for one of the more haunting songs from Hiding. Maicher’s voice takes the forefront in this song more than the others but it’s the wailing of the lapsteel in the background that really creates the uneasy feeling of the song.

Fans of quiet folk paired with a commanding voice, Carly Maicher is certainly not to be passed by.

Hiding is available on Bandcamp.

Top Tracks: “What I Wanted,” “My Friend, The Moon,” “Worry”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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