Review- “Carl”- Redanda

reviewed by Michael Thomas

The rock explosion of Hamilton, Ontario continues. The industrial city has seen in-your-face rock like Arkells, catchy pop-rock like San Sebastian and fuzzy rock like Young Rival, and Redanda is now trying to make its mark.

Redanda’s brand of garage-rock is one that doesn’t try to melt faces with its guitar; it instead chooses to be more laid back, suitable for grooving. There is an emphasis on multiple guitars and slightly unpredictable vocal styles.

“Brief Snake” opens up the EP and is somewhat ironically the longest of the four recorded songs. It features shimmering electric guitar as an opener, and the first lyric is “Fuck the city!” There are multiple guitars playing, with one providing a series of note repetitions while the other plays some pretty cool solos.

The next song is definitely more laid-back. “Underwater Volcano” is one that can be grooved to and features some cool mingling of bass and electric guitar. A good line in the song is “There’s an open window where opportunity blows/But quick it goes.”

“This Bed is a Rock” is a little heavier on drums done marching-band style and the vocalist here is a little more erratic (and that’s a good thing!). Midway there is a pretty awesome guitar solo.

Finally there’s “Lynx” which is arguably the strongest song on the EP. It features a nice crescendo and shows that the band is pretty great when group vocals are involved. When the singer says “I’m a lynx on the prowl” he actually kind of growls a little bit, which kicks a little bit more energy into the song.

This is a fun EP to listen to overall. Some more group vocals and experimentation will help make Redanda’s next release even better.

Top Track: “Lynx”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)



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