Review- “Blood Brothers”- Birthday Girls

reviewed by Michael Thomas

Having seen a mention of this recording on PhotogMusic’s top 11 EP’s list I knew I had to take a listen to the second four-song release from the Ottawa post-punk trio. It’s a shame I couldn’t have heard it a little earlier; it might have made my own list of great EP’s for the year.

I was happy to hear that the band is as explosively energetic as it was the last time I heard their music. To this day I still throw on Birthday Girls’ debut self-titled EP when I need a burst of energy.

Blood Brothers features four new songs that further cements the Birthday Girls sound with rousing success. The title track is aural candy with the band’s trademark combining of whirring synths, electric guitar riffs and badass bass. The lead singer sings in a half-shout, further pumping up the energy the instruments already provide. This is definitely a song that can get a crowd going, particularly the line “You can burn, you can burn, you can burn it to the ground.”

The next track “Scream My Name” takes on a slightly more sunny quality and shows the band’s use of control. This time the synth is not out the whole time and instead adds edge when the verses lead into the choruses. The “sunny” aspect of the song seems to be warped at times, especially in lines like “let’s run away in ecstasy, you’re killing me.”

“Witchcraft” is a delightful and quick song that is almost like taking an angry mob and turning it into music. This is particularly evident in the lines “she’s a witch, let’s burn her” and the frantically-played instruments.

Finally there’s “Chemistry” which starts off with vocals but later becomes a song full of instrumentals. This isn’t a bad thing by any means as it shows that the band can still be energetic with or without the half-shouting vocals.

This is another recording I will have to add to my “burst of energy” list and is a great calling card for the Ottawa trio.

Blood Brothers is available via Bandcamp.

Top Track: “Blood Brothers”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good) +*swoop*


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