Review- “Corinna Rose”- Corinna Rose

reviewed by Michael

I love folk singer-songwriters. And I’ve said this before, but I’m always astonished at how I can distinguish every act I review from another.

The latest folk singer-songwriter to grace the blog is Montreal’s Corinna Rose. In August she released her latest EP, a collection of four memorable songs.

It starts off with “Belle Guitare,” a more upbeat number that is supported mostly by Rose’s acoustic guitar and a few flourishes of electric. It’s a good introduction to the EP and features the memorable line “All I want right now is a less simple life than I have.” The song picks up even more in the second verse, making it sound like a hoedown.

The next two songs slow things down a little. “Hymn for a Heartbreaker,” true to its name, is a more solemn track. It shows off Rose’s banjo, the instrument she plays when not playing guitar.

It is followed by “Amanda” which is a ridiculously beautiful and brief song. The only audible instrument throughout is an acoustic guitar, one which Rose is quickly finger-picking. Occasionally she harmonizes with one of her other bandmates adding an extra layer of “holy crap this is stunning.” It repeats the phrase “You are red and black and lavender.”

The EP ends with “Born on a Mountain.” This track kicks it up a notch to end the recording on a more upbeat note. The opening is pure banjo with a touch of electric guitar. It picks up speed as it moves into the chorus of “Mama, take me home, hey mama.” The second minute of the song features a cool electric guitar solo.

It’s a fun and all-too-short EP that Corinna Rose has put out, and that’s always a good sign.

Available via Bandcamp.

Top Track: “Amanda”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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