Review- “Weekend Dads”- Weekend Dads

reviewed by Adria Young

The newest EP by Weekend Dads is four tracks of the some of the best Maritime punk since four-tracks.  From Moncton, NB, Weekend Dads are the first to admit that their sound is a trip around the block, in terms of pop-punk conventions, but they are still saying something. Energetic. Put out by It’s Alive Records on Halloween, the Weekend Dads 7’’ is ten minutes of fast punk that you want to jump around to and also wonder about. How often do I go to Wal-Mart? Do I go too much?

Isn’t once enough?

It opens with ‘Changing Lanes,’ which I think is about suicide, or not committing suicide, with some sweet fills and a couple sweet bridges, as well as references to actual bridges. Then comes the love songs. The chorus of ‘Erase My Brain’ won me over: “You’re the reason / I do laundry again.” It is nice to have someone who will appreciate the smell of clean clothes and looking sharp, even if those clothes are old ripped skinny jeans and a Black Flag t-shirt. Hygiene is love. Weekend Dads get it. I assume this refers to their new girlfriend Connie, who they met at the Legion and see every other weekend.

‘Feedback My Heart’ is also about love. Love for music.

Half of Weekend Dads at the EP release, Michael's Bar & Grill, Halifax, 2 December (by Adria Young)

This is my only complaint with this album: I think the vocals could have been mixed a little louder, because when it comes to the best song on the EP, ‘Desperation Mart,’ I have a hard time making out the complete chorus of this anthem. In this riff against big box shopping stores and the anonymity of corporations and the exploitation of workers, I really want to hear their message a little clearer. But what I do hear is awesome:  “If you know a place that has / Too many lights and less pizazz / All they see are name-tags, blank faces, no families. All they see are name tags.” It’s true! I think, while at Wal-Mart, “why do we all come here?” But we all know why. Because it’s cheap, Weekend Dads, you know it and I know it. Where else can you get Maple Leaf canned turkey breast for $1.96? No where else. And that’s the problem. And that’s the point. Our systems are whack. Get this EP.

Not sold at Wal-Mart.


Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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