Show Review: Largian Philosophy, Year of Glad, Quaker Parents, Jon McKiel, and Aaron Mangle

by Adria Young

Homegrown Skateboards hosted A South Shore Christmas Carol on Saturday, December 17th, in Lahave, Nova Scotia.  The sounds of the season — Nick Laugher, Year of Glad, Quaker Parents, Jon McKiel, and Aaron Mangle — brought joyous cheer to the revellers. The rising aromas of the baking Lahave Bakery bread warmed the air. Skaters dropped in and out of the bowl like Santa in chimneys.  Reindeer. Jingle bells. Christmas.

Nick Laugher and Nick Bruhm, the newly formed Largian Philosophy, kicked things off with some sweet licks and tight drumming. And, returning from Montreal, Year of Glad’s Alexandre Bergeron and Cameron Hall wrenched powerful intervals with lots of fancy foot-pedal work in an intense experimental-ish experience.  Year of Glad (and Mark Grundy) played a relaxed set the next night at Lost & Found on Agricola, which was sweet.

Quaker Parents at Homegrown Skateboards (photo by Adria Young)

Halifax’s Quaker Parents are really great.  Their first time at Homegrown, Scott Grundy (drums) remarked that he’d “never played in the presence of a bowl before.” Quaker Parents played songs from their September release, No Crime When Covered in Grime. Usually a triad, they (sadly) couldn’t play ‘Teeshirt’ from Tap Turns Off, because of its wicked three-part harmonies, but you can watch them play it here. And while you’re at it, listen to these songs: ‘Your Move’, ‘Yes Alright’, ‘Got To Go.’ I think that these songs will make you feel good, earnest, and creative. Quaker Parents play Gus’s Pub, December 26.

Jon McKiel with Klarka Weinwurm and Aaron Mangle (photo by Adria Young)

Just finishing a Tonka War Cloud tour, Jon McKiel, with Klarka Weinwurm and Aaron Mangle, played Old Problems, Fist Fight, and Strands: “Let’s all just burn out.” The very moment that Jon started to sing, everyone was captivated. His voice was smooth and strong: “Be who you want to be, / Just don’t shoot your mouth off. / Choose an identity, / But don’t get caught.” Klarka was awesome on bass. Also played ‘Confidence Lodge,’ one of my faves. At the end, everyone was chanting for more so Aaron and Jon did the old switcheroo for a short Cousins set. Aaron played Shotgun & Jaybird’s ‘Long Distance Dates,’ from their 2006 EP. I absolutely love this song (it’s about mail!) and the whole EP. He also played Cousins’s recent 7’’ Secret Weapon/Speech, and Jon was great on the drums (all around magic). Aaron is loud and fast and awesome. I heard someone next to me say Aaron is a wizard. The crowd wanted more, but like all good things . . .

Happy Holidays!


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