An “alternative” night at the Horseshoe Tavern

Inlet Sound

Wednesday, December 14th was a night of alternative rock at the Horseshoe Tavern. Of course the word “alternative” is a crappy word because “alternative rock” can really mean anything, and it did in the case of the three bands I saw perform.

The first act of the night was a band called Missing in Venice. The name sounded kind of familiar but I hadn’t heard their music before then. They turned out to be pretty much a rock band with some great guitar solos included. What threw me off a little bit was that the lead singer just sang- I’m so used to seeing every band member playing an instrument. Not that this was a bad thing at all, just something I’m not as used to seeing. The band had a great energy.

Next up was the band that invited me to the show, The Artful Vandelays. While Missing in Venice was a high-energy and enthusiastic band, this band had the same levels of energy but this time channeled through very calm exteriors. Though I had only listened to the band’s latest EP once, I found their music to be quite enjoyable. The pre-recorded bits they played before they used their instruments were cool at times, and all of the musicians played with a high level of expertise, with three of the four band members contributing vocals at some point.

The last band I saw (but not the last band of the night) was The Inlet Sound. I was impressed with their Dream Awake EP (you’ll see how impressed next week) and so seeing them live was quite the treat. They played most of the songs from the EP and stuff from before that. I was delighted to hear the band play my personal favourite song “Sing Me To Sleep” followed directly by “Mademoiselle.” When lead singer Michael Wexler said they were playing one more song, I had no idea how they were going to top the perfection of the previous two songs. They ended up playing a cover of “Bittersweet Symphony” to the delight of many including myself. It frustrated me a little, though, that it was this cover that actually brought the crowd right near the stage, as many left after the Artful Vandelays finished their set.

Depending on what you were looking for, the Horseshoe had a pretty decent show for a Wednesday night. Now if only more people would give The Inlet Sound a bigger chance next time… See a video of the band performing “Lost Boys” below, taken last night.

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