Laura’s Top 5 Canadian EPs of 2011

The Sheepdogs certainly had an unforgettable year!

With the influx of submissions this year at Grayowl Point (Thank you!), Michael and I thought it would be appropriate to make a list of our top 5 EPs from 2011 along with our usual top 10 albums of the year lists.

Without further ado:

Inlet Sound – Dream Awake 

We’ve covered a fair bit of Inlet Sound this year at Grayowl Point but all with good reason. These self-claimed dream-folk musicians have delivered a lush and polished EP with Dream Awake and considering this is only their first official release, marks only great things to come from Inlet Sound. Available on Bandcamp.

Nick Everett – Rocky Top

Technically half of a split EP with Poplar Pines, Nick Everett’s half of Rocky Top, absolutely blew me away at first listen and continued to stay with me. With a Patrick Watson meet Andrew Bird sound, Nick Everett is in a league of his own when it comes to emerging Canadian musicians and Rocky Top just proves it. Available on Bandcamp.

Pang Attack – Dreamer’s Drug

Despite the chaos within, the debut EP from former Kill The Lights member Alex Hackett, aka Pang Attack, is one of musical bliss. With its low-fi combination of electric, rock, and folk sounds, Dreamer’s Drug is an EP that stands alone this year when it comes to originality. Available on Bandcamp.

The Sheepdogs – Five Easy Pieces 

Feel-good rock and roll right out of the 70s, The Sheepdogs have had one hell of year! After winning Rolling Stone’s cover contest, becoming the first unsigned band to earn the magazine’s prestigious cover, everybody is loving their retro brand of rock. Five Easy Pieces provides a beautiful taste of what The Sheepdogs are all about with stellar tracks, “Who” and “I Don’t Know.” Available on iTunes.

We Are The City – High School

The collectivity behind High School, the second release from the Kelowna three-piece band We Are The City, is one that is breathtaking. Taking listeners on a dark, emotional journey and paired with the phenomenal video series from Amazing Factory Productions for the EP, We Are The City’s High School is a stunning creative force to come out of 2011. Available on Bandcamp and iTunes.


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