Review- “Wild Domestic”- Wild Domestic

reviewed by Michael

This EP fascinated me for a number of reasons. Right off the bat, I loved the juxtaposition of the name Wild Domestic. Then I found out that each of the five songs are at minimum seven minutes long, drawing comparisons (in my head) to Kuato. Finally, I was impressed by the fact that another band was able to pull off a listenable sound in long-song format with just a basic set of instruments and a synth.

“Universally Known/Already Forgotten” opens up the EP and sets a mood straight away. An ominous set of guitar notes and some supporting drums dominate the first minute of the song before launching into a frantic-sounding full number with all instruments melding together.

“What Once Ran Wild” is by far the strongest track of the five. The drumming takes on a tribal quality and it also features the rarity of vocals. The band members prefer to sing in shouts and it fits this type of music perfectly. My favourite line of the song (which might also be how the band got its name) is the line “What once ran wild is now domestic.” It’s a simple few words but they’re powerful.

“In a Well Lit Room” is the only track of the five that didn’t leave a lasting impression on me. It felt a little bit too repetitive for an eight-minute song.

“Cowboy Boots and Casual Suits” on the other hand kept my full attention. At nine minutes, the song breaks into several different parts. The first part is sparsely decorated with guitar riffs, the second part starts to speed up before adding in a loud and grungy electric guitar. Some added vocals are a nice touch.

Finally there’s “Gusty Winds May Exist.” The instrumental song features several pleasant-to-the-ear instruments including xylophone. The song really gets into its groove around the five-minute mark.

For the impatient listener, this EP may take some time to adjust to. Long listens require time for contemplation, and some may be put off by the long song lengths. For those who stick around, though, you might find something quite fascinating in Wild Domestic.

Take a listen to the EP and purchase it via Bandcamp.

Top Track: “What Once Ran Wild”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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