Review- “Holland”- Cold Specks

reviewed by Michael

A mere two songs are featured in this recording by Etobicoke, Ont.’s Cold Specks and I’ve already been won over on this woman’s amazing talent.

Cold Specks is the alias of Al Spx, and she has already been making huge waves over in England after being featured on Later…With Jools Holland. Now she’s set to make her mark here in Canada and if these two songs are any indication, that won’t be a problem at all.

“Holland” is a beautiful and haunting song. Opening with the slow sweeping of strings and a guitar, it eventually gives way to Spx’s breathtaking vocals. In the middle of the song the music stops briefly when Spx sings “And to dust/We will all return.” When the music picks up a powerful drum adds even more strength to an already incredible song.

“Old Stepstone” is an a cappella version of “Goodbye Old Stepstone” by Bascom Lamar Lunford. Stripped down to literally the essentials, it only further proves that there aren’t any singers like Cold Specks out there. Watch a video of her performing this song below but be careful, because you’ll probably end up with chills.

Cold Specks is undeniably set for great things in her future. And the fact that her single’s being released on Arts & Crafts on December 13th is a huge help as well. Don’t be surprised if she’s known internationally within a few years.

Rating: Hunting Call (Excellent) +*swoop*

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