Review- “Marine Dreams”- Marine Dreams

reviewed by Michael

Attack in Black is pretty much gone, but its members seem to all be doing something great with their time. Daniel Romano has released two solo albums and was a guest on pretty much every You’ve Changed Records release, Spencer Burton is doing his thing with Grey Kingdom and now Ian Kehoe, the band’s bassist, is doing Marine Dreams.

Marine Dreams is the latest You’ve Changed Record. As with most records coming out from this label, there are a ton of guest appearances. Present on the record are Daniel and Ian Romano, Spencer Burton, Shotgun Jimmie and Steve Lambke, among others.

On to the record itself: it succeeds by not being a flashy or over-the-top piece. There is a lot of excellent guitar playing to absorb and some catchy melodies.

The opener “Fold the Sky” starts off fairly normally, with an electric guitar riff, but mid-song it shows some great experimentation, making the listener wonder where the song is heading to next.

“Season in Hell” was one of my personal favourites of the album, featuring killer bass in the background and, as usual, some great guitar work.

“Well Get Her Back In Your Arms” shows off some guest talent (though who it is exactly, I’m not sure) with multiple electric guitar solos happening at the same time. “No Face” takes on a more sombre tone than the generally sunny tracks and shows off some great vocal harmonies.

Another favourite song of mine was “Sudden Dark Truths” which is an uncharacteristically aggressive song where Kehoe sounds like Chad VanGaalen. I don’t think the song would have been out of place on Diaper Island.

Marine Dreams ends off with a song called “Marine Dreams” (if you’re paying attention, on this track the song, album title and artist are all called the same thing). The song was probably a live take and you can tell as much from the opening. When it does launch into its main melody it impresses with gritty guitar.

Marine Dreams is an interesting record in that it manages to be technically proficient without being over-the-top. A nice introduction to Kehoe as one who can occupy centre stage.

The album is available via You’ve Changed Records.

Top Tracks: “Season in Hell”; “Sudden Dark Truths”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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