Review- “The Man With Flowering Hands”- Dixie’s Death Pool

reviewed by Michael

Drip Audio seems to be continuing the trend of record labels with a particular sound. Anyone who is a regular fan of You’ve Changed Records knows that they have cornered the market on a particular sound, and Drip seems to be doing that to. Drip seems to be able to rope in the weird and experimental artists from all across Canada, featuring artists like Bradley and Fond of Tigers.

Dixie’s Death Pool is no exception. The band, the brainchild of Lee Hutzulak, is a vast piece of music featuring possibly every sound known to man. Hutzulak usually provides the vocals (for the songs that actually have vocals) and has a revolving door of musicians helping him out.

The result is a record where you can hear acoustic guitar, fuzzy electronic sounds, xylophones and horns all in one track. If  there were no audible gaps between songs it would be tough to know which song followed which (and sometimes there are gaps within songs).

Often while listening through I was reminded of Radiohead’s Kid A, being the fan that I am of that band. The Man With Flowering Hands has that same experimental quality to it, though Dixie’s Death Pool definitely pushes the envelope a lot more based on the nature of the “band.”

The opener “Sunlight is Collecting On My Face” is a song that will instantly get listeners in the mood for what’s to come, but even that won’t be enough to prepare for everything the listener will encounter.

The album’s title track, for example, is an instrumental track that sounds simultaneously swampy and tribal, while the song “The Passenger” is an upbeat, almost groove-able song that seems to have a Latin American sound to it.

“Sky Woman’s Directive” is a song full of industrial buzzing and “A Bird is Suddenly Inside” is another chaotic and experimental instrumental piece.

“Chuck Will’s Widow” is one of the more “normal” sounding songs that features an acoustic guitar and the occasional horns and keys.

My words will do little to describe the sounds of The Man With Flowering Hands and it’s really an album that requires several listens to fully absorb. It is not an easy album, that’s a certainty, and it may easily be too much for some people. But for those who invest some time in it they may just find it mind-blowing. I’m of the latter variety of people.

Get it now via Drip.

Top Tracks: “Sunlight is Collecting on my Face”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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