The Black Shades & Shotgun Jimmie @ CKDU

The Black Shades

by Adria Young

Man, was it ever pouring during The Black Shades and Shotgun Jimmie at the CKDU 88.1 FM lobby on Day 3 of the Halifax Pop Explosion.  Not only was it coming down in buckets, but it was raining rock and roll (…). All the way from Kentucky, The Black Shades (wearing black shades) have serious classic-rock overtones. They’d be really great in a larger venue, or the main-stage at an Auto Show. I think the lead singer had a Mick Jagger thing; he threw down lots of high kicks and finger wags, reminiscent of the ‘Miss You’ era.

Then, Sackville, NB’s Shotgun Jimmie was a one-man-band live-on-air, with ‘Late Last Year,’ from Transistor Sister. Jimmie’s the best. He played ‘Used Parts’ from Still Jimmie, which is only the second song I’ve ever heard reference the Bricklin, the doomed auto enterprise of American playboy Malcolm Bricklin and Richard ‘Disco Dick’ Hatfield, premier of New Brunswick in the late 70s. Not to mention the DeLorean. Jimmie played two songs “not yet registered with SOCAN,” which he also previewed at Gus’s Pub a few weeks ago. In one new one he sings, “I’m just a lightweight, waitin’ on a Skype date.” Haven’t we all felt that way? Sounds like Jimmie’s next album will be awesome. He also played ‘Too Many Flowers’ and ended with ‘Suzy,’ the girl with whom he first watched Stop Making Sense.

The CKDU shows are available to hear online here.

Honourable Mention: Cold Warps house show from 1:00am to 3:45am.
Arrests made: 4. Hours late for work the next morning: 1.


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