Pigeon Row’s 5th Birthday Party @ Gus’s Pub

Shotgun Jimmie

by Adria Young

I’m not going to lie, I had to have a lot of naps this week. Friday night eventually took me to The Skeletones Four, Shotgun Jimmie, and Dog Day who were performing at Gus’s for Pigeon Row’s 5th Birthday Party! Happy Birthday Pigeon Row!

Though I only saw the end of their set, The Skeletons Four, from Toronto, had at least three guitar duels; one really epic ‘The Wall’-moment; two awesome pairs of leather boots (that’s four boots in total); and all four are real cute. And I will probably buy their vinyl soon, here.

Shotgun Jimmie Highlights: Klarka Weinwurm and Jon McKiel switch on drums and bass, “the old Switcherooni,” Jimmie says; he replaces ‘Suzy’ with ‘Switcherooni’ for the rest of the song. Jon McKiel plays drums like John Bonham. Chad VanGaalen speaks through the amps from the soundboard in the back. Jimmie plays new track ‘3212’. Jimmie’s friend Matt Charlton, of Delorean Records/PR, makes an appearance. Jimmie plays ‘Swamp Magic.’

Dog Day

By this point, Gus’s Pub was so jammed that at several points during Dog Day’s set, girls were getting squished between the stage and the mini-mosh pit. I spilled a beer on someone, and myself. Nancy wore an Apollo Ghosts t-shirt. Seth walked on the ceiling.

Go see Dog Day any chance you can, buy their albums, buy their art, buy their t-shirts.
Most of all, support local independent labels and promotional firms (like Pigeon Row)!

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