Review – “Metal Meets” – Ohbijou

reviewed by Laura Stanley 

With their distinctly dreamy and lush indie sound, Toronto’s Ohbijou have returned with their third and easily their most confident sounding album, Metal Meets.

Fans (including myself!) have been waiting for the follow up to the band’s glorious 2009 release, Beacons. A major thing that stands out when comparing the new album to Beacons, is the obvious growth both lyrically and musically that the band has gone through.

Lead vocalist, Casey Mecija, sounds better than ever, brimming with self-assurance while still able to keep that unique, soft, storytelling aspect to her voice.

“Niagara,” one of the strongest songs of the year and the opener for Metal Meets, does well to summarize this fresh sounding Ohbijou. In such an epic and strong sounding song, “Niagara” fittingly has a roaring percussion section paired with spacey orchestral backing tones.

“Balikbayan,” loosely translated as, “a return to one’s country” from Tagalog, is one of the more simpler tracks from the album but with its beautiful sentiment and catchy melody, it is also one of the strongest.

Showing that change is good with its experimental feel, strong melodious verses, and lulling chorus, “Iron and Ore” presents a different sounding Ohbijou but with all the same strengths as before.

Like “Niagara,” “Anser” is filled with a strength that immediately captures the listener. One of the most outstanding aspects of the song, is the musical build that begins around the three minute mark and beautifully ends with a masterful string and piano section.

Ohbijou certainly show that they’re on the top of their game with Metal Meets and I think I speak for both Michael and I when I say that Ohbijou will have no trouble making it on to our “best of 2011” lists and I’m sure onto others as well.

Buy Metal Meets here and/or at your local record store!

Top Tracks: “Niagara,” “Balikbayan,” “Anser”

Rating: Hunting Call (Excellent) + *swoop*


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