Review- “Holy Crow”- Bella Clava

reviewed by Michael

To be completely plain and simple about my feelings for this album, I give you three words: Bella Clava rocks.

The fairly new band is set to release their debut album on October 8th but sound as though they’ve been doing this all their lives. It’s a very raw and in-your-face sound that will be sure to appeal to rock and roll fans in general.

The album both starts and ends with the two instruments that are mostly widely featured over the course of Holy Crow‘s 12 songs- the electric guitar and keyboards. The two together give a lot of the songs a classic-rock feel but lead singer Caitlin Dacey’s vocals make the sound completely their own.

Thankfully, Bella Clava doesn’t tone themselves down. On most rock and roll albums a band usually tries to go for at least one slow ballad with mixed results. Instead, Bella Clava plays song after blistering song, sometimes with almost godly guitar solos, like in the song “Doubt” (my eyes actually popped open at how awesome the guitar is in that song).

“Conflict & Desire” is another song reminiscent of classic rock, particularly the keys that work so well with the electric guitar. Just a few songs down, however, is “Food For Cannibals” which is an outrageously powerful and aggressive song.

The band also flirts with some other rock sub-genres, such as “Blue Star Tattoo” which ventures into the realm of the psychedelic, while “Red River Rain” features 80’s-style synths for interesting effect.

Bella Clava will remain in your face for the album’s entirety and not one song on the album comes anywhere close to middle-of-the-road. A fantastic debut full-length from a band loaded with promise.

At their Bandcamp page you can immediately download “Ding Dong Ditch” for free. Holy Crow will be released October 8th. Their CD release party is on the same day at the Horseshoe Tavern.

Check out what our friend the T.O. Music Snob had to say about the album as well.

Top Tracks: “I’m Sick”; “Red River Rain”; “Last Trip”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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